Daintree Crocodylus Village

Lot 5 Buchanan Creek Rd, Cape Tribulation

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Daintree Crocodylus Village


Overview of Hostel

Come join us in the Daintree Rainforest to RE-WILD and RE-EARTH yourself today!

Secluded in the depths of some of the last remaining lowland rainforest in the Daintree and Cape Tribulation, our accommodation guarantees you get up close and personal with the jungle and its inhabitants! Abundant wi

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Getting here is easy too as we are just off the main road at Cow Bay. We recommend self driving as it really is the best way to see and experience the area and offers to ultimate flexibility. Bus transfers are available with Trans North for approximately $50each way and from $150pp return with Tropics Explorer and leave Cairns each day around 7.30am. No matter what transport you choose to get here we will make sure you are able to maximise your experience with all the wonderful sites and sounds of the Daintree and Cape Tribulation areas!

Just let our friendly staff know when you book and we can organise car hire or coach transfers for you.

The Details:

Lot 5, Buchanan Creek Rd, Cow Bay
122 km north of Cairns (2.5hrs drive)
47 km north of Mossman
14 km north of Daintree River Crossing
3 km from Cow Bay Beach.

Located near

Centrally located in beautiful Cow Bay just north of the Daintree River Daintree Crocodylus also offers the perfect location for exploring the Daintree and Cape Tribulation. You can take part in as many, or as few, activities as you like.

Conditions & Policy

Child Friendly

Reception is open 8-10am and 5-8pm. Early or late arrivals are however no problem as a map with your name on it will be left on the reception steps. Just take you map, find your room and make yourselves at home. Note showers operate from 7-10am and 5-8pm ONLY. Taps and toilets operate all the time, water is good to drink from any tap and the self catering kitchen is open 24hrs with cutlery and crockery sets available free from reception on check-in. If you come outside of reception hours (5-8pm and 8-10am) you will find your room map (one will have your name on it) on a clip board at the reception steps. Just grab your map, find your room and make yourselves at home. We will catch up with you when we open up again. ELECTRICITY IS OFF between 1.30-4.30pm1sh daily. This means lights, fans, fridges, toaster are OFF. Water and gas are on during this time. If you are at Crocodylus rather than exploring the rainforest please minimise fridge opening and jump in the swimming pool if you are hot. Enjoy the quiet and jungle sounds! Our cafe is open for dinner from 6.30-7.30PM and breakfast from 8-10AM. A number of small cafes can be found along the road between Cow Bay and Cape Tribulation for lunch. The lodge provides a self catering kitchen for storage and preparation of your own food and a large common area for eating and hanging out. Please note food storage and eating are NOT are allowed in the bungalows to ensure we keep the jungle inhabitants out of your space.. The self catering kitchen has gas burners, microwave, fridges, pots pans (no oven). Cutlery and Crockery boxes are available free of charge on check-in. Let us know if you need one after 8pm if checking in late and we will leave one out for you with your map. If you want to bring food best place to buy it is at Woolies in Mossman on the way through. Guests are encouraged to digital detox while with us however a charging station is located in the lodges common area for all those necessary evils. To control energy use and noise there are no power points in the bungalows. Water conservation is important to us too so shower times are limited to 7-10 AM and 5-8PM - toilets and taps work all the time. While with us we will help you with all things Daintree. Tours, activities, eating options and lots more. When you arrive the best afternoon activities are the swimming pool for cooling down or pop to our local swimming hole, Hutchinsons Creek , which is on the back of your room map. Other afternoon options are grabbing an ice-cream, visiting the beach or doing Jindalba the national park walk behind the Discovery Centre. These are all indicated on the back of your room map. If you are here in the high season please let us know which activities you would like to participate in and we can book them for you to make sure you don't miss out. We are a very JUNGLY place and our guests are surrounded and immersed by nature in the raw. No manicured lawns, no air conditioning, no glass and steel, and no locks on our doors. We are "glamping" in the rainforest and for eco adventurers. We have two weather seasons in the Daintree - dry and wet. The temperature is generally around 32 degrees from Nov-Mar (the Wet) and between 26-30 Apr-Oct (the Dry). During the wet season it rains a lot (can be up to 600mls in one day) however as with everywhere now it can also be dry in the wet and wet in the dry - always bring an umbrella and mozzie spray with you to the rainforest. Our lighting is set to maintain the jungle ambience and encourage wildlife to treat us just like home. So although our lighting allows you to get to your cabins and around the lodge common areas bring a good torch with you for extra light and to allow for wildlife spotlighting. See if you can spot cassowaries, Boyds Dragons, goannas, frogs, snakes, golden orb spiders and lots more while you are here. There is no mobile reception in the whole of the Cape Trib area other than for Telstra (if you stand on one leg). Tablets are available for internet access when reception is open for a small fee $2 20mins and $5 one hour - all our internet is provided by satellite. We are a licensed venue so any alcohol you bring yourself must only be consumed in your room or cabin. Storage of alcohol is not allowed in our self-catering kitchen due to storage limits so please bring an esky for your beers (ice can be bought from us or the local shop). Basic house rules of no parties, no excessive noise after 9pm, respect others and the environment and no smoking other than in designated areas apply.